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With over 40 years' experience in the industry we understand the process of buying a new home, arranging a mortgage and navigating the property market.

So if you're looking for advice, don't leave your mortgage to chance; read our helpful guides on the different types of mortgages or if you’re looking for tailored advice, browse through our frequently asked questions below and put your own mortgage question to our independent mortgage experts today.

Can I switch from a buy to let to a residential mortgage?

I currently own a buy-to-let that I want to move into, can I...

What happens to my mortgage after getting a divorce?

What happens to our mortgage after divorce?

Buying a more expensive property

We haven’t sold it yet but want to buy quickly – is this...

Does ownership abroad mean I cannot buy in the UK?

I own a house abroad but would like to buy my first home in the...

Mortgage with CCJ's on my record?

I have several CCJs and looking to apply for a mortgage

Do any lenders lend up to 90% or 95% LTV on buy-to-let?

Are there any 90 or 95% LTV BTL Mortgages?

Is there still 100% mortgages?

Is there still a 100% mortgage?

Are there any mortgage lenders for Section 106 properties?

We are trying to secure a mortgage on a build with 106 attached...

Buy-to-Let - What do I need to know?

I’m looking at making an BTL investment purchase

Are builder's gift deposits a good idea?

I've been looking at buying a house through Barratts. They will...

Capital raising on parent's home

I would like to borrow some money secured on my parents house

Two flats within a Freehold Property

I have had an offer accepted on a freehold property which is...

Can I get a mortgage on a temporary contact job?

I've just started an 18 month temporary work contract with a...

Can I remortgage if I own my house outright?

We own our property outright. Valued at £145k. The rental...

Shared Ownership & Stamp Duty

My partner and I are looking to buy a property through shared...

Buy To Let Mortgages on Inherited Properties

We have just inherited a property with no outstanding mortgage on...

I've inherited a property, could I raise a first time buyer mortgage on it?

I inherited my fathers house. Ive never had a mortgage. Would I...

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