Are you an expat looking for mortgage advice? If you have recently accepted a job abroad and have decided to rent out your existing property- or perhaps you’re looking to purchase before you return home- it can often be difficult to find high street mortgage providers who will lend you money.

Expat mortgages fall into two categories:

  • Homeowners who are planning to move abroad and wish to retain their property – usually to rent out to tenants at a later date
  • People who are currently living abroad and are planning to return home- and buy a property- at some point in the future

To understand more about this type of mortgage and the options available, take a look at our expat mortgages page as it’s good place to start.

We often get lots of questions regarding expat mortgages as they can be difficult to arrange without expert advice. If you’re looking for tailored advice, we’ve compiled this list our most frequently asked questions based on our experiences with overseas clients.

If you can’t find one that fits your requirements/circumstances, you can ask your own and we will respond as soon as we can.