If you are a high-net-worth individual looking for a mortgage lender that understands your unique property needs, you may find that a private bank mortgage offers you far more than the rates advertised by high street lenders.

Homebuyers with complex incomes or wealth streams may find their mortgage options restricted if they approach traditional high street lenders, who typically apply a “tick box” approach to assessing whether to grant a mortgage. Private banks consider options on a case by case basis, often considering an individual borrower’s ability to fund their mortgage by taking account their wealth in addition to income.

Private bank mortgages are often bespoke to the individual borrower.  Finding the right funding partner and negotiating terms and repayment methods can be inherently complex, requiring careful consideration and meticulous execution. 

At John Charcol, we have over 40 years of experience helping medium and high net worth clients to find the right mortgage at terms which fit their life aspirations, income and wealth. We understand our clients are busy people so we ensure our service is tailored to their sometimes hectic schedules.


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We can help with a broad range of options, including:

  • Larger mortgage loans, up to 75% LTV (Loan to Value)
  • Interest only options
  • Private bank mortgages for residential and investment properties
  • Options for short term finance (bridging), buy-to-let, commercial and development
  • Mortgage solutions for complex income arrangements
  • Solutions for high net worth individuals
  • Options with limited or no funds placed under management with the bank

Our network of private bank contacts affords us the luxury of being able to negotiate directly with underwriters at private banks who we know have a proven track record in closing larger mortgage deals for our clients.

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Private Bank vs High Street Lender

Many high street lenders will not have the time or experience to process particularly complicated or high net worth cases. John Charcol has relationships with a number of specialist private banks that are able to provide a more flexible bespoke perspective on an applicant’s affordability.

Private banks assess each mortgage lending decision on an individual basis, taking into account a potential borrower’s assets and the bigger financial picture. Knowing exactly which lenders to approach with these complex cases is something that John Charcol has been practicing for over 40 years. In this case, experience really does matter. 

How can John Charcol help with Private Bank Mortgages?

At John Charcol, our team of industry experts will assess everything about your financial situation, ensuring that we have a full picture of your exact position.

Private banking mortgages are as unique as you are, and our role is to find the best private banking partner for you with optimal terms to suit your individual circumstance.

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