Why Can Mortgages for Doctors Be So Hard to Arrange?

Arranging mortgages for doctors can be difficult because of the LLP status of practices, with income made up of unpredictable drawings rather than a guaranteed income. Many doctors taking up a post for the first time may have come from the NHS, others may combine locum work with private practice. The result can be a complex source of income that won’t meet the usual requirement of a standard mortgage application.

How Can John Charcol Help with Mortgages for Doctors?

As mortgage experts with years of experience, we have helped numerous doctors, vets, dentists, solicitors and other partners in LLPs to secure mortgage deals - including specialist mortgages. We often approach more flexible lenders, who we know are willing to take a broader view than many standard mortgage providers.

We’ll make an individual case for your precise circumstances and then approach smaller building societies, private banks and other reputable lenders we know who are prepared to take a more flexible approach.

This might include:

  • Using an NHS P60 and recent CV to establish credibility and income potential
  • Getting accounts from the partnerships and using statements from your practice financial director to establish projected drawings
  • Approaching lenders who we know are used to dealing with partners in LLPs and are prepared to take other financial information into account
  • Talking direct with underwriters and making a personal case based on a wider view of your wealth, assets and potential earnings


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John Charcol Expert Tip - February 2024

"Securing a mortgage is a critical step in a doctor's financial journey. With the intricate nature of their income structures and unique financial considerations, seeking advice through a mortgage broker becomes indispensable. A skilled broker can navigate the complexities of the market, tailor solutions to their specific needs, and ensure doctors secure the best possible rate and outcome."

- Mortgage Technical Manager Nick Mendes, CeMAP qualified

Why Should You Trust John Charcol to Arrange Your Doctors Mortgage?

Mortgages for Doctors FAQs

How can I get a mortgage if I have just joined a practice from the NHS?

We can take your previous earnings from the NHS and projected partnership drawings to make a personal case for you.

What if I my earnings are made up from locum work?

It’s still possible to secure a mortgage, but we may need to base it on your locum billings. 

Can you help me to arrange a mortgage around my intense work schedule?

At Charcol we’re used to working with individuals who are under real time pressure. That’s why we come to you and fit in with your schedule.

I want a flexible mortgage that allows me to use lump sums to reduce it each year in significant payments. Can that be arranged?

We’re expert at arranging this kind of mortgage, making the best of low rates of borrowing with capital payments when bonuses, dividends or profit share is available.

Is there a fast-track service so that I can secure the property I have my eye on now?

Unlike high street lenders we’re fast and nimble, so if you need us to talk to an Estate Agent or make things happen fast to secure a particular property, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

Can I speak to someone with the authority to make decisions based on my real circumstances rather than computer-set limitations?

Yes. At John Charcol our consultants are all experienced independent mortgage advisers. We often arrange mortgages for doctors and medical professionals through reputable private banks and investment houses who have much more flexibility on who they lend to and how much they will lend.

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