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Once you know how much Stamp Duty you’ll be paying, speak to our experts and we’ll help you compare 1000s of mortgage deal from across the market to assess what your next steps are. If you're a landlord and are buying a buy-to-let property, use our buy-to-let Stamp Duty calculator.


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How Much Stamp Duty Will I Pay on My New Home?

Previous and current homeowners buying a residence won't pay any Stamp Duty on the first £250,000 of the purchase price. First-time buyers are exempt from paying Stamp Duty on the first £425,000 of the purchase price. For more information see our Stamp Duty guide.

Use our Stamp Duty calculator to find out exactly how much tax you'll pay when buying a main residential or second property in England or Northern Ireland. This SDLT calculator works whether you’re a first-time buyer, a second home buyer or you're simply moving from one property to another.

Stamp Duty Rates in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Looking for the Stamp Duty rates where you are? In England and Northern Ireland, you'll have to pay between 0% and 12% of the property price, depending on the price band of the property. For example, the standard Stamp Duty on a property costing £300,000 is 5% on anything above £250,000, while a home costing £950,000 can incur 10% Stamp Duty on the amount above £925,000 and 5% on the amount between £250,000 and £925,000..

In Scotland, you'll have to pay Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, which works in a very similar way to Stamp Duty. Again, the property price determines how much you have to pay, but the bands are different. The Welsh Land Transaction Tax is similar, with different price bands again. Our Stamp Duty Calculator is for England and Northern Ireland. If you need information about the tax in Scotland or Wales, talk to a tax adviser.

UK Stamp Duty Calculator FAQs

Who Has to Pay Stamp Duty?

You have to pay Stamp Duty when you purchase a property or a plot of land in England or Northern Ireland. It’s officially known as Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). You don’t pay Stamp Duty when you purchase a main residence under £250,000. When buying a home that costs more than this, you’ll have to pay Stamp Duty. First-time buyers are exempt from Stamp Duty on the first £425,000 of a property bought for up to £625,000. If you’re a first-time buyer and you purchase a property for more than £625,000, you’ll have to pay Stamp Duty at the standard rates. You have to pay additional Stamp Duty if you’re buying a second home or buy-to-let. 

Our Stamp Duty calculator (UK) will quickly and easily show you if you have to pay Stamp Duty and how much.

When Do You Pay Stamp Duty?

You will have to pay Stamp Duty within 14 days of completing the purchase. Most solicitors will help you with the paperwork for paying Stamp Duty.

What Are the Stamp Duty Rates?

You can use our tool to quickly calculate Stamp Duty on any property you're thinking of buying. Our Stamp Duty guide will also show you the different rates for different types of buyers. These are the standard Stamp Duty rates in England.

Property Value

Stamp Duty Rate

Up to £250,000


£250,001 – £925,000


£925,001 – £1,500,000


From £1,500,001


How Much Is Stamp Duty for a First-Time Buyer?

First-time buyers pay less Stamp Duty in order to make it easier for them to enter the property market. As long as you're buying your main residence as a first-time buyer, you'll only have to pay Stamp Duty on a property valued above £425,000.

If you're buying a property above this value and up to £625,000, Stamp Duty will be calculated only on the amount over £425,000. If you're buying an investment property or a buy-to-let property as a first-time buyer, you’ll have to pay standard Stamp Duty rates. To qualify for the Stamp Duty reduction, everyone purchasing the property must be a first-time buyer.

How Much Stamp Duty Will I Have to Pay When Buying a Residential Property?

Our Stamp Duty calculator will easily show you how much your Stamp Duty will be on a residential property. Unless you're a first-time buyer, you'll likely be paying the standard rates.

In the calculator, select whether you're a first-time buyer or not. You’lll also pay additional Stamp Duty if you’re buying a second home or holiday home. These additional residential properties usually have an extra 3% added to the standard Stamp Duty due.

How Much Stamp Duty Will I Pay on Buy-to-Let Properties?

Buy-to-let properties also have higher Stamp Duty fees due compared to buying a main residential property. On top of the standard Stamp Duty amount, you'll usually have to pay an additional 3%, just like you would with a second home.

How Are Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Calculated?

Stamp Duty is calculated based on the value of the property and your status as a buyer. The Stamp Duty rate you pay will depend on whether you're buying your main property or not, as well as whether you’re a first-time buyer. Calculating Stamp Duty can be difficult, so use our calculator to easily work out how much Stamp Duty you’ll need to consider with your purchase.

Can I Use My Mortgage to Pay Stamp Duty?

You can’t add Stamp Duty to your mortgage amount.

What Other Costs Will I Have to Pay when Buying a Property?


Stamp Duty is often an unwelcome addition to the costs of buying a property for many people. You should make sure that you have saved up enough to cover this and other additional costs, such as conveyancer and solicitors fees, brokerage fees and the actual costs of moving to your new home.

If you're unsure what costs are involved with buying a property, or if you're looking for a lower interest rate to make purchasing a property more affordable, you can get in touch and get help from one of our expert mortgage brokers.