How Much Stamp Duty Will I Pay on My New Home?

Neither first-time buyers nor previous/current homeowners pay any Stamp Duty on properties priced up to £500,000. For more information see our Stamp Duty guide.

Use our Stamp Duty calculator below to find out exactly how much tax you'll pay when buying a main residential or secondary property in England or Northern Ireland.

This SDLT calculator works whether you’re a first-time buyer, a second home buyer or you're simply looking to move from one property to another.


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Stamp duty payable:

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Let us know the value of the residential property you’re buying, if you’re a first time-buyer or if it’s a second home, then press Calculate.

Once you know how much Stamp Duty you’ll be paying, speak to our experts and we’ll help you compare 1000s of mortgage deal from across the market to assess what your next steps are. If you're a landlord and are buying a buy-to-let property, use our buy-to-let Stamp Duty calculator.


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