Can you get a mortgage for a house with a flat roof?

Answered on 30 November 2016

I am interested in buying an architect designed house that is three years old. It has a series of flat roofs. The survey tells me the covering is felt with a 10-15 year life. My concern is resale. How restrictive is the mortgage market these days for non-standard roofs?

There are other coverings for flat roofs, that can be used instead of felt, which have longer guarantees, and you could look to recover the roof prior to sale.

It may also be that the property's individual design and uniqueness may override concerns over the flat roofs for prospective buyers. There are many lenders who will be perfectly happy to lend on properties such as this, but will in the main be guided by comments from the mortgage valuer. You can find out more about the different types of houses in our guide.

If a flat roof is in poor repair, it is unlikely to stop a prospective buyer from being granted a mortgage on the property, however the surveyor may recommend that monies are held back until the repair work is completed. For this type of repair you may need to raise additional funds, you can find out more information in our funding home improvements guide.

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