How Much Rental Income Do I Need for a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

Our minimum buy-to-let rent calculator will tell you how much rental income you need to generate each month to qualify for a mortgage on a buy-to-let property. This will give you an estimate of how much to charge tenants to rent your residential or commercial property.

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It should be stressed that this is a very generic guide. As with everything in the mortgage market, your individual circumstances will dictate whether you qualify for a buy-to-let mortgageWe strongly advise that you speak to one of our advisers about your own situation before committing to anything.

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The minimum rent requirement:

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This is not a quotation under the Consumer Credit Act. Figures are subject to validation of income, credit checks and a property valuation.

What Do These Fields Mean?

When measuring affordability for a mortgage for buy-to-let, lenders stress test applications against mortgage rates rising to 5% and sometimes to 5.5%, even if the agreed final rate is lower, to guard against unexpected rises in costs for landlords.

Lenders also typically require a ‘buffer’ of 125% - i.e. the rental income each month must be 125% of the mortgage repayments.

Enter your proposed mortgage amount select 5 or 5.5 (some lenders are beginning to stress test at a higher level, so you may want to see both scenarios) and press calculate.

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We have also sorts of information to aid you on your journey to landlordship. Learn what it means to be a portfolio landlord, how getting a buy-to-let mortgage works, what LTD company BTL mortgages are and more.

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The Buy-to-Let Minimum Rent Calculator is a great way to start – but it’s certainly not a definitive answer – and if it’s not the answer you’re looking for, our experts can review your full situation and advise on the most appropriate course of action, including products you might not previously have considered.

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