Can you buy a house when you haven't yet sold your current property?

Answered on 7 September 2016

How can I buy a new property when I haven't sold mine?

There are a couple of different options for you depending on how much the new property is worth in relation to your current one and on your own suitability for a mortgage.

If your current property is worth more than the new one you may be able to raise a mortgage on it for the full cost of the new one. If you are eligible for a normal residential mortgage then you just need to make sure that the product you choose does not have any early redemption penalties, so you can sell your home and repay the mortgage without having to pay £1,000s for the honour.  If you do not qualify for a standard residential mortgage then you may still be able to arrange a bridging loan.  These can be secured either against your existing home or both properties and again would be repaid upon sale.  They tend to be more expensive than a normal mortgage because of their short term nature.

Alternative Finance Options

If the new property is more expensive then you will probably have to arrange a bridging loan on your current home to cover the deposit and a normal mortgage on the new property.  Again you will need to make sure that the new mortgage gives you the flexibility to reduce the amount outstanding once you have sold your current home without being penalised.

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