How to Get a Mortgage as a First Time Buyer UK

We've broken down how to buy your first home and how to get a first time buyer mortgage in the UK into 3 easy steps:

1. Research Buying Your First Home

2. Find Out What You Can Afford as a First Time Buyer

3. Compare First Time Buyer Mortgage Rates and Start the Process

Below you'll find more information on these steps as well as additional resources for each step to help you prepare, covering everything from Stamp Duty and first time buyer mortgage deposits, to affordability and the mortgage process - and more. Don't worry - you don't need to read it all! But if you have a question about becoming a first time buyer or home loans, you'll find the answer here.

Follow these 3 steps and you'll be ready to take that first leap onto the property ladder.

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Step 1: Research Buying Your First Home

What do first time home buyers need before securing a mortgage and buying a house? Find out here. We explain how it all works and help you answer questions such as: how much deposit will you need for the kind of home you want? Are there additional costs to consider? See our first time house buyer's guide to find out what to expect and what you can do to prepare.

What Is a First Time Buyer?

So you're a first time buyer - but what does that actually mean? Learn about it here, as well as how the process works and how the first time home buyer status is determined.

The Bank of Mum and Dad

Can mum and dad help you get on the property ladder? Learn about how parents can help first time buyers, including contributing to the deposit and supporting the mortgage.

First-Time Buyer Costs

What costs do UK first time buyers need to consider when buying property and moving home? There's a few, luckily you can find out in our first time buyer costs checklist.

Stamp Duty for First-Time Buyers

One benefit of being a first time buyer is that you're eligible for the Stamp Duty exemption. Learn more about that, what Stamp Duty is and how much first-time buyers pay, here.

Buying a House

Buying a new house should be fun and exciting! Lessen the pressure by preparing with our guide. We take you what questions to ask the seller, how the property chain works, making an offer and more.

Tenants in Common

Depending on who you're buying your first home with, e.g. family, a partner or a friend, you may want to set up ownership differently. Should you become tenants in common or joint tenants? Find out here.

Freehold and Leasehold Properties

When you buy a property for the first time, it will generally be either on a freehold or leasehold basis. Learn the differences here.

Right to Buy Advice and Eligibility

Are you a council tenant looking to buy your home? You might be able to purchase it for a lot less than you first thought with the Right to Buy government scheme.

Learn About Mortgage Deposits

Mortgage deposits are a huge step for every first time buyer. You can learn all about first time buyer mortgage deposits in our guide, including deposit amounts, how your deposit affects your mortgage and how to save up.

How to Save for a Deposit

Not sure where to start? Here we explain how long saving for a deposit can take, how much you need and tips on how to save.

Borrow Money for a Deposit

If you're a first time buyer struggling to save a deposit, you could consider borrowing the money from family or taking out a loan.

Buy Your First Home with a Small Deposit

Fortunately for first time buyers, it's possible to buy your first house with a small deposit such as 5%. Learn more here.

No Deposit Mortgages and How They Work

Find out about the no deposit mortgage options out there for first time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder.

Step 2: Find Out What You Can Afford

Once you have a clearer idea of how the homebuying process works, what your goals are and what your journey will look like, you can start getting into the numbers. With our mortgage borrowing calculator you'll be able to work out how much you can borrow on a first time home buyer mortgage, based on your income.

person making notes and using calculator on table next to model house with piled coins

Mortgage Deposit Saving Calculator

Know how much you need in first time buyer deposit but want a clearer plan and timeline? Try our mortgage deposit calculator to see how much you need to save each month to reach your goal.

Mortgage Loan-to-Value Calculator

Most first time buyers have a high LTV on their mortgage. Find out what your LTV will be based on your deposit or home loan amount compared to the property you want to buy with our calculator.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

As a first time buyer, you might be wondering how your monthly payments will compare to what you currently pay in rent. Find out what your monthly payments could be with our calculator.

FTB Stamp Duty Calculator

First time property buyers receive a Stamp Duty exemption which can make buying a house cheaper. Work out how much Stamp Duty you'll pay on your first home with our calculator.

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Step 3: Compare First-Time Buyer Mortgage Rates and Start the Process

By the time you reach this step, you'll have a better understanding of what's right for you and will have laid the groundwork so you can start seriously comparing first time buyer mortgage offers currently on the market in the UK. Basically, you'll be ready to find the best option for you as a first time buyer and apply for your mortgage!

Applying for a Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage as a first time buyer in the UK is actually pretty straightforward. In this guide we take you through the whole journey, from pre-application to completion.

Your First Mortgage Appointment

Your first mortgage adviser appointment needn't be overwhelming. Find out what happens during the appointment for a first time buyer's mortgage and what you can do to prepare.

Mortgage Types Explained

You hear a lot of jargon when you buy a house so it can be hard to know what mortgage is best for first time buyers.  Learn the difference between repayment and interest only, the rate options and more.

What Mortgage Documents Do I Need?

Find out exactly what documents you need to provide for first time buyer mortgages. Being organised can help ensure the application process runs as smoothly as possible.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals

Fixed rate mortgages are popular amongst homebuyers, especially new first time buyers. This is because interest rates are fixed - making your monthly payments easier to predict. Learn more about them and compare fixed rate home loans for first time buyers here.

Self-Employed Mortgages

Mortgages for first time buyers who are self-employed aren't actually that different from the ones for employed people. Compare mortgage loans for the self-employed and learn about what information you need to provide the lender with here.

Family Springboard Mortgage

Family springboard mortgages are popular amongst first time buyers as they enable you to purchase your first home without providing a traditional deposit. Instead, your family is able to help. See how it works now.

Joint Mortgage with Parents

Worried a low income will stop you from borrowing enough? A joint mortgage with parents can be a way around this and a great alternative to a traditional first time home buyers mortgage, helping you to borrow more and secure the house you really want.

Mortgages for First-Time Buyers with Bad Credit

Getting a first time buyer mortgage can be challenging enough, without the added pressure of bad credit. Fortunately, mortgage brokers like John Charcol can help. Find out how it works here.

Mortgage Credit Check

When you apply for a mortgage in the UK, the lender typically does a credit check on you regardless of whether you're a first time buyer. Learn how a lender credit check works, why lenders do it and a soft vs a hard credit check.

Minimum Credit Score for Mortgages UK

As a first time buyer, you've probably heard about credit scores. Although there's no minimum credit score required for a first time buyer home loan, a good score can improve your options.

How to Build Your Credit Score for a Mortgage

A good credit score can make finding a worthwhile first time buyer mortgage deal much easier. Here we explain how to improve your credit score, how long this can take and how credit impacts your application.