Looking to buy abroad and wondering how you can release equity from your home?

Remortgaging your UK home is an option available to enable you to raise funds to buy an overseas property. Depending on your personal circumstanced and requirements, this may be a sensible option for many, but it will be affected by other factors such as: how much of your existing mortgage you've paid off and your current credit rating - as well as interest rates at the time you apply for a remortgage.

If you would like to know more about being an expat, take a look at our expat mortgages or for additional information on the process of remortgaging, read our handy remortgaging guide.

Our experts are here to help.  We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about buying abroad but if we’ve haven’t answered your own question you can ask our knowledgeable mortgage experts and they will reply within a day.