Mortgages for different scenarios

One of John Charcol’s strengths is our access to mortgages specifically designed for individuals with circumstances that some lenders categorise as ‘complex’. 

Catering for our broad client base sometimes means we collaborate with lenders to create bespoke products, while we also identify trends and help design products to meet shifting patterns in society.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but an illustration of some of the more diverse markets we cover.

Short term finance to give you breathing space
Mortgages from lenders that understand the complexities of developments and the challenges facing developers
Mortgages from lenders that understand the nuances of business accounting
We live in a truly global society, so we’ve got relationships with lenders that regularly lend to British people based abroad
Increasingly, people are working in a freelance or self-employed capacity and more and more lenders are adjusting to this trend
Once widely available, these mortgages are now only provided by specialists, but John Charcol knows where to ask
If you need a larger mortgage (in the millions) then you may need a specialist lender or a private bank. We know where to look on your behalf.
John Charcol understands the difficulties presented by practice LLP status, so we’ve got access to specialists that are on the same page
If you need a mortgage offer to last longer than usual because you’re buying off-plan or you’re using a government scheme, talk to us first
As parts of Surrey become increasingly desirable, prices are rising and getting a regular mortgage can be tricky, but John Charcol knows lenders that understand this and who have designed suitable products
Overcoming the complexities of the London market can be tricky, let us help
The number of freelance or contract workers employed in financial hubs like the City of London is rising, let us help you find the right mortgage
Let to buy is worth considering if you’re struggling to sell your home or your property has dropped in value.
Second charge mortgages are a type of secured loan that allow homeowners to raise extra money without the need to remortgage or take out an unsecured personal loan.