Santander Product Transfers

Posted on 6 September 2012 by Jonathan

I have a mortgage with Santander for 166,000 but it is split between 3 products one for £110000 one for 51000 and one for 4000 and therefore is it possible to remortgage just one of these amounts and will it have to be with Santander or would it be possible to move some of it to another company...

Just as aside, I would not be able to move the whole mortgage as the house is in negative equity to the tune of around £10000.


This is going to depend on whether you originally took the mortgage out with Abbey or Alliance & Leicester (A&L) because the computer systems are not fully integrated yet.  If you took the mortgage out with Abbey then you are in luck, they can transfer all or part of it onto different products, if it was with A&L then I'm afraid they can not cope with this and will only consider transfer the whole mortgage on to a new product.  As you already have 3 different products, I suspect you took the mortgage out with Abbey and you should contact their Customer Service department on 0800 092 3881 about switching to a new deal.

I regret that as you are in negative equity it will not be possible to transfer any of it to another company.


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