How can I find out who the lender was on an old mortgage?

Answered on 24 July 2019

My daughter had a mortgage 11 years ago, how can I find out any details of it? She can't remember who the lender was- is it recorded anywhere so we can get details? We know when it was in place and of course the address of the property.

Tracing old mortgage accounts

The charges register held by the Land Registry contains the details of all mortgages secured against a property.  It will only name the lender and the address of their head office, but it will give you a start. 

Please note that you may have trouble obtaining the information due to the Data Protection Act and your daughter may have to make the application.

If this fails then she may be able to get copies of her bank statements for the relevant period and if she was paying by standing order or direct debit these could show the lender and the account number.

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