How Do You Find a Mortgage Lender on a Property?

Answered on 26 March 2024 by

How do I find who my mortgage was with on a property? I can’t remember who the lender was and I no longer own the property. I know when it was in place and the address of the property. Is there somewhere I can find the records of the mortgage information on the property?

Sophie Waugh

To find out who the lender was on a property, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check Mortgage Documents
    • Start by reviewing any paperwork related to the old mortgage that you may have kept, such as the mortgage agreement, loan documents, or correspondence from the lender. The lender's name should be listed on these documents
  2. Check Credit Reports
    • Obtain a copy of your credit report from one of the major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion). The credit report should list any open or closed mortgage accounts, including the lender's name, account number, and contact information
  3. Contact Mortgage Servicers
    • If the mortgage was sold or transferred to another lender or mortgage servicer, the current servicer may have records of the original lender. Contact the current mortgage servicer and inquire about the history of the mortgage, including the name of the original lender
  4. Search Public Records
    • You can search public records, such as property records or land registry records, to find information about the mortgage on the property. Some jurisdictions may provide online access to property records, while others may require you to visit the county clerk's office or Land Registry office in person
  5. Hire a Title Search Company
    • If you're unable to find information about the lender on your own, consider hiring a title search company or a real estate attorney to conduct a title search on the property. They can search public records and provide you with information about the mortgage and the lender
  6. Check with the Developer
    • If you know the developer who had built the property they are likely to have had a financial adviser operating in the area at the time the mortgage was originated, you could try contacting them directly to inquire about the mortgage. They may have records or archives that could help you identify the lender
  7. Historic Bank Statements
    • If this fails then you may be able to get copies of bank statements for the relevant period and if she was paying by standing order or direct debit these could show the lender and the account number

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you should be able to find information about the lender on an old mortgage. Keep in mind that the process may require some time and effort, especially if the mortgage is several years old or if the property has changed hands multiple times.

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