What Is the Minimum Size for a Flat to Get a Mortgage?

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I own a small studio flat which I am considering selling. However, several estate agents have advised me that it won't sell as it’s too small to get a mortgage on as mortgage providers have toughened up lending rules. Is there a current minimum studio flat size for a mortgage & are there any lenders that will provide mortgages for smaller studio flats?

Nick Mendes

The minimum size for a flat to get a mortgage is typically 30 sq metres. There are a few lenders that will consider lending on flats smaller than this but options will be limited. As there are not many lenders offering mortgages on these kinds of properties, if a lender did grant a mortgage then had to repossess, a future potential buyer could struggle to secure lending and then the lender would struggle to sell the property and get its money back. If your local estate agents are telling you that it won't sell then this is also likely to put lenders off.

Selling a Studio Flat Mortgage-Free

Although it can be more difficult to secure mortgages for flats that are smaller - which can make them harder to sell - not all buyers will require a mortgage. They may have cash in the bank or they may be raising it on their main residence. In this instance you just need to find the right buyer for your property. If the local estate agents can't do this then look towards one of the larger up market firms, who may have clients on their books looking for a studio flat in the right part of London at the right price.

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