Moving back from the USA, how much could we get a mortgage for ?

Posted on 8 January 2013 by Peter

Good morning, we are intending to relocate from the USA back to England later this year. Can you give me an idea about what sort of mortgage I could expect to get given the following:

Likely deposit: GBP 100,000-120,000 & Income: GBP 100,000 per year

Many thanks.


Much of what you will be able to do, will be dependent on the loan to value (LTV) that you are intending to buy at, and also whether you maintained a UK address whilst you have been in the US. Most lenders, esepcially the major high street ones, will carry out a credit score on any mortgage application you make, and whether you pass or not is down to areas such as 3 years UK address history, 3 years UK employment history, voters roll, etc....

Therefore I think it is more likely that we will need to look at a lender who manually / semi-manually underwrites cases and can therefore look at your application on its individual merits.

As John Charcol is an Independent, Whole of Market broker, we have excellent relationships with such lenders and I would be reasonably confident in being able to obtain a mortgage for you. As to how much, it is difficult to say without knowing the exact structure of your new UK income, and what other debts /outgoings we may have to take into consideration, but as a rough guide most lenders would tend to look at approx 4.5 x income.

I do think it would be worthwhile having an initial discussion with one of our consultants, who could talk your options in more detail. If you would like to do so, please let me know and I'll arrange for one of them who's experienced in cases such as your to make contact with you.



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