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Posted on 5 June 2010 by Heather Byrne

We have a property worth approx £240,000, our mortgage payments are £1,500 and we are 1 month in arrears.We owe approx £98,000.  I am 62, my husband 60. He has health problems and was made redundant from a well paid job in construction 2 years ago. We have a bad credit record due to a previous failed business.  I earn around £45,000 plus £20,000 pension and £5,000 state pension.  My husband has £5,000 teachers pension.  I am afraid we will loose our house and want to move the mortgage into my name and find a more reasonable rate. GE money current mortgage provider will not extend term due to age. I s there anything I can do to make sure we remain in our home?  Will anyone consider over 60's for a remortgage?


I regret that with a poor credit record it is highly unlikely that you will be able to remortgage, yet alone secure a better rate than you have currently.

You must concentrate on making sure that your mortgage payments and any other bills, such as utilities are met so that you do not lose your home.  This will mean having to prioritise your expenditure and there is help available to do this.

I recommend that you speak to GE Money on 0800 316 1642 (Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm) and also contact Citizens Advice and/or one of the Credit Counselling Services. Their contact details can be found on GE Money's website under Keeping Up Repayments.


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