Left Holding The Baby

Posted on 1 March 2012 by Fran

My daughter finds herself suddenly single with a baby and 14 years to go on the mortgage. Because it's a new property, she is already in negative equity: if her former partner wants t be taken off the mortgage, she does not have sufficient income to qualify for re-mortgaging the same amount. However, if the property was sold (at a loss) any other property would cost almost th same to rent. Therefore, what are the options open to her. I have a very small mortgage, and could take on additional borrowing. Could I then 'give' this to h? What are the tax implications? Would there be any problems if she then repaid this borrowing on a monthly basis?

Any suggestions please - the last thing any of the family want is for her to be forced to sell and end up with a £15000 debt and no home and a baby.

She is currently working.


Your daughter should speak to her lender straight away and advise them of her situation.  They will want to know where her former partner is living because he has as much responsibility to make sure the mortgage payments are maintained as your daughter.  If however there are problems with him meeting these obligations then by knowing were he is the bank can assist your daughter in getting him to pay.

Your daughter also needs to take independent legal advise and to this end I have forwarded your details to our in house Solicitors, Rollingsons.  They will be contacting you direct to make arrangements for your daughter to speak to them.


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