Joint Mortgage Payments

Posted on 4 July 2012 by Louise

My husband and I seperated over a year ago and am in the process of getting divorced.

He lives in the property on his own with a joint mortgage in our names.

He is struggling to make the payments every month, he is 2 payments behind but speaks to the mortgage people regularly they have agreddd a sum that he can pay weekly.

The mortgage people are aware that we have seperated and that I no longer live there.

The property is in negative equity by £20,000 approx. What are our options it's all such a mess he can't afford it and my name i on the mortgage. I can't help out with payments I work part time and have our daughter.


A joint mortgage is exactly that regardless of who is living in the property and you are every bit as responsible for making sure the mortgage payments are made as your husband.  This might sound harsh given your current circumstances, but you need to work together to make sure the mortgage payments are maintained.  The current arrangement and any missed payments are going to show on both of your credit records and may lead to you finding it difficult to secure credit in the future.

As you are in the process of getting divorced and have presumably instructed Solicitors, I recommend that you both take legal advice about selling the property as this may be your only way out of this "mess".


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