Joint Credit Records

Posted on 23 October 2011 by Cathy

Hi, i got married recently but my husband since his seperation and divorce has had a mortgage with his ex which have been to court for repossession numerous times because she cannot keep up the payments, there are kids involved that live there but are in college. The reason its gone this far is that he wants to sell but she wont have none of it and is quite willing for his credit rating to go down the pan. She has never worked a day in her life and she knows that noone can get any money out of her while she claiming credits etc, because you cant take what she hasnt got right! How can he get her to sell? Also when the house get repossessed will this effect my credit rating as i am thinking of buying to let. My house is in my name which was bought before we wed and the utility bills remain in my name. We have no joint accounts and not planning to do so. This does worry me some.


I have referred your legal question to our in house legal team at Rollingsons Solicitors and they will reply directly to you.

As far as your credit rating is concerned you husband's record should only appear if there is a financial connection between you both.  For instance a joint bank account or even a mobile phone contract.  I would recommend that you get a copy of your credit report from one of the major reference agencies, Experian, CallCredit or Equifax and check what they are holding for you.  Do not put both your names in, as this too could be enough to make your husband's records show in the future.


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