How long do I have to keep paying the mortgage?

Posted on 13 February 2011 by Danny

My wife and I have split up and we have a joint mortgage. My wife tried to get the house on her own, but the mortgage providers have turned her down saying she does not earn enough. Im paying half of the mortgage and have done for nine months, but wondered how long I have to continue to pay it for as I can not move on. I'm living with my mum because I cant afford anywhere else. My x wife pays half the mortgage and is happy to do this because she doesn't want to move from the house and has no incentive to move while I'm paying the other half of the mortgage. I want to sell the property but she wants a silly amount for the house that we will never get, especially in the present housing market. Can I force her to sell the house and if not how long legally am I obliged to pay the mortgage for?


The mortgage you have is a joint and individual responsibility and you will should keep making sure the payments are made until such time as your are either removed from the mortgage or it is repaid.

I recommend that you take legal advice regarding your situation from either a local Solicitor or Citizens Advice.

In the meanwhile you will have to declare this mortgage as an ongoing commitment on any new mortgage application and unless your income can cover both debts you will find Lenders will decline you on affordability.


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