Good Samaritan

Posted on 2 June 2010 by Karen

I agreed to help out my brother by taking joint ownership and a joint mortgage with him. He has stopped paying the mortgage and has walked out of his job, so not likely to change. I want to get out of this arrangement although he clearly won't be motivated to do so. I am looking to help my son onto the property ladder but won't be able to do so if I have two mortgages already and cannot afford the repayments anyway. Is there anything I can do?


This is a very unfortunate position you find yourself in and the only way out for you would seem to be to sell the property. It is very unlikely that your brother will readily agree to this, so I suggest that you speak to a Solicitor to find out what steps you need to take before being able to get a court order for the sale. You should also take the Solicitors advice to see whether or not there are alternative courses of action for you to consider.

I also recommend that you speak to the mortgage lender as soon as possible. Until they know the full situation, they will not be able to consider lower monthly repayments or any other type of arrangement to help you in the short term.


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