John Charcol partners with new lender to offer lowest 5 year fix on the market

Posted on 11 August 2017 by Richard

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We’re pleased to announce that John Charcol is working with the Bank of Cyprus UK to offer our client a range of new competitive range of mortgage products. Being one of only three mortgage brokers in the UK to have access to their product range we can offer clients their range of 2 year fixed rate deals starting at 1.14% and the lowest 5 year fixed rate deal on the market at 1.59%*.

Key highlights of their product range include:

  • Competitive 2yr and 5yr fixed rates, available for both purchase and remortgage.
  • Free valuation on properties up to £2m and free standard conveyancing on loans up to £1 million)
  • Earned income can be taken to age 75 - dependent on current age and pension scheme membership.
  • Affordability for self-employed based on current year’s income. 
  • Contractors can use their daily rate for 46 weeks of the year.

Speaking on the partnership Walter Avrili, Managing Director at John Charcol commented:

“This is an exciting time for John Charcol and we look forward to working closely with the Bank of Cyprus UK. Their products will resonate with our clients looking to move or remortgage and we’re pleased to be one of only three brokers in the UK to have partnered with them.”

For more information on please call 0344 346 3672 or enquire here.

* Correct as of 11 August 2017

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