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Funding Home Improvements

17/08/2019 by

Steve Molina, one of our expert mortgage advisers, explains everything you need to know about funding your home improvements.

Video breakdown:

0:41 – Before Financing Your Renovations
0:58 – How Can I Borrow Money For Smaller Home Improvements?
1:17 – How Do You Pay Back Home Improvement Loans?
1:30 – Are There Any Other Options For Funding Small Home Improvements?
1:40 – Things To Keep In Mind
1:59 – How Can I Borrow Money For Larger Home Improvements?
2:12 – What Is Home Equity?
3:26 – Further Advances
3:56 – Further Advance Pros
4:13 – Further Advance Cons
4:32 – Remortgaging
4:50 – Remortgaging Pros
5:13 – Remortgaging Cons
5:45 – Second Charge
6:02 – Second Charge Pros
6:22 – Second Charge Cons
6:54 – Summary

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