Ray Boulger

Ray Boulger is widely renowned as the guru of the mortgage industry and expert on the housing market.  Ray is constantly called upon by the media to provide informed comment on all areas of the market, and is a regular on the BBC, Sky and ITV.

Last year, Ray was voted guru of the year at the Headlinemoney awards by all of the nation’s money and property journalists. As such, we thought it was high time that you had direct access to him. Ray’s blog will be updated most days so the knowledge just keeps on coming.

04/07/2018 by Ray Boulger

Ray Boulger’s predictions and recommendations for the fixed rate mortgage market.

04/06/2018 by Ray Boulger

Two months after the FCA announced a relaxation in its previously unduly zealous rules on interest only mortgages for older borrowers, two lenders are now offering the new style Retirement Interest Only Mortgages and a third lender has announced it will launch on 11 June.

01/05/2018 by Ray Boulger

Figures issued by the DWP on the continued take up of Support for Mortgage Interest Benefit (SMI) following the payments being changed from a free benefit to a loan from 6 April were released on 24 April.

21/12/2017 by Ray Boulger

Despite a partial recovery from the 859,000 housing transactions recorded in 2009, current transaction levels remain a long way adrift of the 1.6m plus seen in 2006 and 2007 and have been broadly flat since 2014. 2018 starts with prices fairly flat and housing market activity muted. There is nothing on the horizon to suggest those trends will change in 2018...

02/11/2017 by Ray Boulger

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) today raised interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. The last increase in Bank Rate was in July 2007, just before global credit markets started to freeze up ahead of the full-blown global financial crisis – so what impact will the rate hike have on the UK housing and mortgage market?

15/09/2017 by Ray Boulger

The MPC minutes indicated an increase in Bank Rate is likely sooner than previously expected, with some economists now forecasting a 0.25% rise back up to 0.5% at the next MPC meeting in November.

29/08/2017 by Ray Boulger

Last week the July housing and mortgage statistics were announced by HMRC (looking at housing transactions), UK Finance (looking at gross mortgage lending) and Equifax Touchstone (looking at intermediated mortgage sales) and something doesn't add up...

13/07/2017 by Ray Boulger

The Bank of England today published the results of its Q2 Quarterly Credit Conditions Survey, which was conducted between 22 May and 9 June. Commenting on the supply of secured credit the report states:

“The availability of...

30/03/2017 by Ray Boulger

Nearly all the headlines, both in the consumer and trade press, in relation to the February mortgage approval numbers announced yesterday by the Bank of England, included the word fall, dip or down, with many going as far as to...

05/02/2017 by Ray Boulger

Gavin Barwell toured the TV studios this morning, appearing on ITV, Sky and the BBC, prior to publication of the delayed Housing White Paper on Tuesday. It appears from his comments the White Paper will focus strongly on rental...

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