Will being on a temporary work contract stop me from getting a mortgage?

Posted on 29 January 2017 by Fiona Dawson

Can I get a mortgage when I'm on a temporary contract at work?

Hi Fiona,

It is possible to get a mortgage whilst on a temporary contract but the rest of your circumstances will have to be top notch.

To start with a Lender will want to know how long the contract is for and whether or not it has been renewed in the past or is likely to be in the future. The type of work you do will also be very important, some professions are typically employed on a temporary of short term contract such as Doctors and Nurses whilst more menial employment will not be as attractive to a Lender. Your employment background will be important too and if you can demonstrate a long track record of employment in the same field this will count in your favour.

Other factors apply to all mortgage applications, such as whether or not you are on the Voters Roll, how much deposit you have to put down, whether you are buying on your own or with a partner and what your credit history is like.

I recommend that you speak to an independent mortgage broker about your situation and they will know if there is a good enough chance you could secure a mortgage and also which Lenders to approach to get it.

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