Is there a way of getting a mortgage when you are employed on a temporary contact?

Answered on 23 November 2018

I've just started an 18 month temporary work contract with a large company. My gross salary is £21.5k, with plenty of opportunity for overtime. I have a deposit of £15-£20k. My bank will only offer me a £100k mortgage if I have at least two years left to run on my contract at the time of application. What other lenders would be willing to lend to someone in my position? Many thanks for your help.

Securing a mortgage with a temporary work contract

Many of the banks, especially at higher loan to values, will take a more cautious view on people working on a temporary contract, however there are still lenders in the market who will assess a case on it's individual merits and it's more likley that it would be this type of lender that we would look to approach.

How do mortgage lenders work out affordability?

When we are talking to a lender who manually underwites, then a lot will depend on how positively we can present your case with the below points:

  • Deposit to salary ratio.
  • Overall credit position
  • Employment history
  • Employment plans

Generally speaking there are very few cases that we are unable to place, and I'd be disappointed if we couldn't assist in this matter.

If you'd like to talk more about your situation, then please call 0330 433 2927 or submit an enquiry and we'll put you in touch with one of our consultants.

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