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With over 40 years of experience behind us and some of the industry's most quoted experts in our ranks, there's not much we don't know about mortgages.

However, we know our industry is awash with jargon, so our experts aim to keep it simple. Through this blog, social media and our monthly newsletter, experienced mortgage advisers explain the nuances of the mortgage market, how economic factors influence the availability of mortgages and get to the meaning behind regulatory changes. 

18/02/2019 by Robyn

How will Brexit affect the property market? We asked our expert Ray Boulger common questions people have about what to expect. Here's what he said.

22/08/2018 by Cat

We look at what people on tracker, variable and fixed rate mortgages can expect following the Bank of England interest rate rise.

02/08/2018 by Kath

The Bank of England has raised the interest rate for only the second time in a decade.

15/02/2018 by Katherine

It’s estimated that there are 1.67 million homeowners in the UK that are currently on an interest-only mortgage.

11/08/2017 by Richard

Being one of only three mortgage brokers in the UK to have access to their product range we can offer clients the lowest 5 year fixed rate deal on the market at 1.59%.

21/06/2017 by Nick Morrey

With average rates heading towards the end of their downward spiral and the overall number of products edging ever upwards, longer term fixed rates have never been so attractive.

12/10/2016 by Drew

Mostly, coming to the end of your mortgage should be a time to celebrate - and if you have a repayment one, seeing that zero balance will give you a very warm, satisfied glow. However, if you have an interest-only loan and don't have a repayment vehicle in place to pay it off, then the feeling as the end date approaches is likely to be very different.

13/09/2016 by Richard

What is an offset mortgage, and who should have one? WHILE last month's bank rate cut was good news (allegedly) for borrowers, it heralded more bad news for savers, as once again they saw the return on their money hammered downwards. But for anyone who has both savings and a mortgage, there's some light at the end of the tunnel. No, it's not a train coming the other way, it's an 'offset' mortgage.

07/09/2016 by Alistair Hargreaves

Following the Bank of England’s decision to cut the base rate of interest to 0.25% a total of 285 savings accounts cut their rates in August, with 20 of the best deals disappearing completely. Savers could start feeling the pinch, but if you have a mortgage and savings that equate to at least 10% of your mortgage balance one option that could potentially benefit you is an offset mortgage.


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