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John Charcol regularly contributes to all forms of media and our lead spokesperson, Ray Boulger, is widely regarded as the guru of the mortgage market.  Ray is a regular on BBC Television, BBC Radio, ITV and Sky News.  As well as broadcast media, he is a regular in the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and other leading newspapers.

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Here is a selection of the latest developments at John Charcol.


There has been a 13 per cent drop in the number of interest-only mortgages held by borrowers in 2018 compared with the previous year, according to latest data. JC's Nick Morrey said: "The industry has moved in the right direction to make sure that we don’t have people getting to retirement with outstanding balances on their interest-only mortgages."


Brokers have stressed the need for mortgage advice as new research showed nearly a third of consumers do not read their mortgage terms and conditions. But JC's Nick Morrey said the research didn’t shock him.


The proposals made in last week’s Labour commissioned report are so radical that not even the current left-leaning leadership would take them all on board, said Ray Boulger, senior technology manager of John Charcol.


Building societies defend products offering higher income multiples after regulator delivers warning shot. JC's Ray Boulger argues that low interest rates mean higher income multiples are more affordable than they have been in the past.


Broker firm John Charcol is urging the Bank of England to rethink the "anachronistic" way mortgage applications are stress tested to allow more consumers to access the market.


Nearly half of non-homeowners in the UK think they will never get on the property ladder, new research has found. JC's Nick Morrey said he would be interested to see how many of the 50 per cent who thought they would never be able to get on the housing ladder had actually looked and tried various lenders to get a mortgage.


Wannabe homeowners could find that changing job leads to a bigger mortgage - and not just because it might boost their salary. According to mortgage expert JC's Ray Boulger these professions typically include accountants, actuaries, architects, barristers, chartered surveyors, commercial pilots, and dentists.


The number of UK homeowners who switched product with their existing provider was 1.7% lower than seen in 2018 according to the latest data from UK Finance. JC's Ray Boulger said: “These figures are entirely predictable."


Tesco Bank has become the latest lender to pull out of the mortgage market this year, following the likes of AA Mortgages, Magellan and buy-to-let specialists Secure Trust Bank. JC's Nick Morrey says Tesco has been “very reasonable” with its terms.


The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries has criticised the government for inadvertently "promoting" one adviser firm over the rest of the market in its new ‘how to’ property guides. Nick Morrey, technical product manager at John Charcol, agreed a government document should not inadvertently endorse any particular firm.

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