Can I remortgage to pay for school fees?

Answered on 16 December 2017

I own a mortgage free property approx value £300k I would like to release some equity(£50k) to help pay for my sons school fees. Would I be able to remortgage?

Equity Release For School Fees

Releasing equity from your home to pay for school fees is a possible option. Depending on your current financial situation, there shouldn't be any reason why you would be refused.

There are a few options when it comes to releasing equity, one of those we can help with would be remortgaging. It isn't suitable for everyone.

Remortgaging to Release Equity

Remortgaging is in essence switching from one mortgage lender to another but staying in the same property. Higher income or a rise in your property's value means you could remortgage and raise more money to help pay for school fees.

For more information, you can view our guide to remortgaging.

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