What Effect Will Brexit Have on UK Property?

21/03/2019 by

Ray Boulger, our Senior Mortgage Technical Manager, addresses the worries you have on the property market when it comes to Brexit and what is likely to affect you. To read more about the topic written in Ray's own words visit his blog post: Will Brexit uncertainty cause a property market crash?

Video breakdown:

00:46- Will Brexit cause a house price crash?
01:34- Should you wait until after Brexit to buy a property?
02:34- Will Brexit make it more difficult to take out a mortgage?
03:23- How is Brexit uncertainty impacting interest rates?
04:08- How will Brexit affect the first-time buyer?
05:33- Is now the right time to move?
06:44- Should you speak to a mortgage adviser before searching for a property?
07:34- Do you have any more recommendations regarding Brexit?

For a more in-depth discussion about how your mortgage may be affected by Brexit get in touch with us today.

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