Applying For A Mortgage

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Sophie Waugh, one of our expert mortgage advisers, explains everything you need to know about applying for a mortgage. Read more about the topic in our applying for a mortgage guide.

Video breakdown:

00:41- What’s the mortgage process?
01:07- Stage 1: Pre-application
01:28- Why will lenders have issues?
01:39- What may have an impact on my application?
01:59- Jargon to be aware of
03:14- Stage 2: Application
03:42- What happens after securing the decision in principle?
04:04- Stage 3: Assessment and affordability checks
04:18- So what documents do I need?
04:39- Documents needed to support your mortgage application
05:15- Will the lender need additional documents?
05:31- What is a stress test?
05:48- Stage 4: Valuation
06:06- Is it possible to renegotiate with the lender?
06:27- When is payment expected for the valuation?
06:36- Stage 5: Offer
06:57- Can I cancel?
07:25- Stage 6: Completion
07:43- Your deposit
08:00- How long does a mortgage application take?
08:27- Want to hear more?

For a more in-depth discussion about your options, timescales and key stages of the application get in touch with us today.

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