Mortgage Deposit

03/09/2019 by

Sarah Teff, one of our expert mortgage advisers, explains everything you need to know about securing a Mortgage Deposit.

Video breakdown

0:44 – What is Your Deposit Amount Based On?
1:03 – How Much Deposit Will You Need?
1:29 – What Is the Average Deposit for First-Time Buyers?
2:16 – How Can You Reduce the Amount You Need in Deposit?
3:07 – What Deposit Do You Need for A Buy-To-Let Mortgage?
3:26 – When Do You Pay Your Deposit?
3:50 – How Long Does This Process Take?
4:08 – What Happens If Your Deposit Is Coming from The Sale of Your Previous Property?
4:20 – What Is A Holding Deposit?
4:37 – How Much Is A Holding Deposit?
4:57 – How to Save For A Deposit?
6:32 – Summary

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