Stamp Duty

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Kathryn Toomer, one of our expert mortgage advisers, explains exactly what Stamp Duty is and how it affects you. Read more about the topic in our Stamp Duty guide and Stamp Duty on Second Homes guide. Use our Stamp Duty calculator and Buy-to-Let Stamp Duty calculator to get an idea of how much you could owe.

Video breakdown:

00:35- What is Stamp Duty Tax?
00:57- How is Stamp Duty payment calculated?
01:12- Common misconceptions with Stamp Duty
01:41- When and how do you pay?
01:58- Who handles this for you?
02:06- Why do you pay Stamp duty?
02:24- How does the UK Government spend Stamp Duty Tax?
02:37- Who pays Stamp Duty?
03:25- You pay additional Stamp Duty if?
03:34- Exemptions and relief
03:43- You do not need to pay Stamp Duty if...
05:03- Stamp Duty rates
05:13- Stamp Duty rates for first-time buyers
06:12- How much Stamp Duty do you pay?
07:14- Stamp Duty relief for first-time buyers
07:37- Stamp Duty relief for first-time buyers example
08:07- Stamp Duty on non-residential and mixed-use land
08:48- What is a mixed-use property for Stamp Duty?
09:44- Can you add Stamp Duty to your mortgage?
09:56- Consequences of adding Stamp Duty onto your loan
10:22- Do you pay Stamp Duty on shared ownership properties?
10:48- How do you reclaim Stamp Duty?

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