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Coronavirus Update March 2020

17/03/2020 by

Coronavirus Update: Mortgage Payment Holidays and Arrangements to Pay

Nick Morrey, our Product Technical Manager, explains everything you need to know about COVID-19 and how it may effect your mortgage.

0:00 What Can I Do About My Mortgage if I’m in Self-Isolation and Unable to Work?

0:39 What Is a Payment Holiday and How Does It Work?

1:19 Can I Switch My Mortgage to Interest-Only?

1:49 I've Been Offered Reduced Payments What Should I Do?

2:24 What Will Happen to My Mortgage if I Take a Payment Holiday or Arrangements to Pay?

3:11 Will Payment Holidays or Arrangements to Pay Affect My Credit Rating?

3:49 Do I Need Prove to My Lender that I Have Coronavirus?

4:19 Will Mortgage Rates Continue to Drop?

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