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John Charcol regularly contributes to all forms of media and our lead spokesperson, Ray Boulger, is widely regarded as the guru of the mortgage market.  Ray is a regular on BBC Television, BBC Radio, ITV and Sky News.  As well as broadcast media, he is a regular in the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and other leading newspapers.

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A growing number of would-be homebuyers are choosing to rent while waiting for Britain’s exit from the EU to produce bargain property prices. JC's Ray Boulger said that many would-be buyers were holding off as Brexit enters its supposed end stage.


Brokers expect Secure Trust Bank to exit the mortgage market for the foreseeable future if the plan to stop originating new mortgages goes ahead. JC's Ray Boulger said: “Their statement suggests it could be short-term, but they may need to make redundancies or reallocate their origination department which means if they come back in they might have to hire them again."


Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has launched two residential mortgages for later life borrowers that are more competitively priced than any retirement interest-only deal currently available. JC's Ray Boulger said although these two later life products are not retirement interest-only mortgages (RIOs) they have some features of a RIO and are priced more competitively than any RIO currently available.


First-time buyers have been given a boost as interest rates have tumbled on mortgages that require only a 10% deposit. The cheapest two-year fixed-rate deal with a 10% deposit is now 1.79%, with a £999 fee, from HSBC. A year ago the best deal with the same fee, from NatWest, charged 1.84%, according to the broker John Charcol.


We asked some experts for their take on the housing market. Will Brexit send house prices tumbling, or will we continue to see values rise? JC's Ray Boulger offers insight into the mortgage broker's view.


With widening regional divergences, Brexit uncertainty and the threat of further interest rate hikes, the future direction of house prices is far from clear. We speak to eight different property experts to get their views on how the property market may develop in 2019.


Emoov enters administration following merger as it fails to compete with rivals. JC's Ray Boulger wasn’t surprised by Emoov’s demise. “One issue is that although all online agents have spent a lot of money on marketing, I don’t think any have made a profit yet,” he says.


The majority of brokers think that more clarity around Brexit is needed to see an increase in their business next year, whilst less than one in five think that no growth in their activity will happen. JC's Ray Boulger, said that attention should be focused on how broker business may increase.


We’ve talked to those in the industry to look at the likely trends borrowers will see in the months ahead. JC's Ray Boulger is not expecting a rise in interest rates in 2019.


JC's Nick Morrey: “Due to the uncertainty that the Brexit process has created the property market is suffering with a reduction in the number of people selling/buying but also, mainly in London at present, a slight downturn in prices – especially the top end.

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