Which mortgage lenders accept tax credits when assessing affordability for a mortgage?

Posted on 1 February 2016 by Victoria

Are there any lenders who will take our child tax credit payments into consideration when calculating our possible mortgage? We pay out £422 per month in child care costs but these are easily covered by the £706 child tax credits and child benefit payments we receive every 4 weeks. Obviously, if these are not taken into consideration then our 'borrowing amount' is minimal. Thanks for your help.

Tax credits for mortgage

Are there mortgage lenders that accept tax credits?

There are some lenders who would consider child tax credits, child benefit and working tax credit in addition to earned income when assessing affordability for a mortgage.

Mortgage lenders' restrictions on accepted tax credits

This will be dependent on how many children you have and what age they are, in addition some will cap the amount of benefit they will consider. Some high street lenders would take 100% of these forms of benefit income whilst others would cap it at 60%.

Evidence of tax credits

Letters from the tax office confirming receipt of these benefits would be useful when calculating how your income is derived, this documentation is also likely to be needed by a lender.

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