Transfer of Property Ownership and Care Home Costs

Posted on 2 June 2018 by Stephen

I would like to buy my mother and father in-law's house with my wife. What is the situation if one or both required a care home or 24 hour care after the purchase, can the government demand that I sell the property to fund their care? Stephen

Hi Stephen,

There is a very good Government website from which I have taken the following extract:

Trying to avoid care home fee payments

Sometimes people deliberately transfer ownership of their assets to someone else in order to reduce what they pay in care home fees. If the local council believes this has happened they may assess you differently than in the normal assessment procedure:

  • if assets were transferred within the six months before you moved into care, the council can recover the cost of your stay from whoever received the gift
  • if the transfer happened more than six months before you moved into care, they can assess you as if you still own the assets

There is no time limit as to how far back the council can go to find out if you have given away assets to avoid care costs.

I recommend that you read the full article and then consult your Solicitor before deciding how to proceed.

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