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Posted on 5 November 2017 by Caroline

I have recently sold my property, as has my husband and so we have temporarily moved to my mother in laws whilst our joint purchase goes through. I have the mortgage application meeting on Thursday, but unsure whether to make the application at the address I've just sold, or my mother in laws as I've been told that this could affect the credit scoring ?we've only been living with her for 2 weeks, and hoping to be moving to new property in 4 weeks, do therefore haven't put ourselves on the electoral roll. Please can you offer some advice? Thanks

Hi Caroline,

It is true that most lenders look at the last 3 years address history, and do put a lot of store when credit scoring in finding the applicant on the electoral role. If you explain to them what's happened and that you are living temporarily with your mother in law, the lender should easily be able to tell you the best way to present the application so that the address doesn't cause any issues.

Good luck with the application, I hope it all goes smoothly, though if you do have any issues, then let me know and we can talk about your case in more detail.

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