An equity release mortgage lets you release cash from your property without leaving your home – so there’s no upheaval or expense. There are many reasons why you would consider this type of mortgage such as:

  • To supplement your pension
  • To pass on money to your family while you are still alive
  • To go on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday or trip
  • To redecorate or renovate your home
  • To pay off a loan, clear a mortgage or pay off a residential mortgage

You can read about the different options for those looking for an equity release mortgage, with our guide.

We receive lots of questions in relation to equity release and that’s why we’ve put together the most common questions below to help. We know that everyone’s situation is different so if we haven’t answered your question, you can always ask your own and our expert mortgage advisers will get back to you.

Interest only

I’ve heard a lot about Interest Only Mortgages

Mortgages in Retirement

Mortgages in Retirement

Equity Release for Freehold Flats

I am thinking of buying outright (no mortgage required) a...

Halifax Retirement Homeplan

Halifax Retirement Home Plan

equity release 2nd charges

As an existing equity release lifetime mortgagee currently with...

Can I use my pension income to remortgage ?

We are looking to remortgage our property which has no mortgage...

Equity Release and Shared Ownership

Is it possible to get equity release on my property?

How can I pay off my father's equity release mortgage?

My question is about my fathers equity release morgage. I...

I'm 68 years old, can I get a mortgage?

I want a 10year mortage for £12,000 & I am 68. Is this possible...

Capital raising in retirement

my mother is widowed, and 85. she has a good pension income,...

Capital Raising in Retirement

I am a retired nurse aged 78. I own my own home with no mortgage...

Lending into Retirement

I am 59 and I own my own home worth £120,000. I have no...

Mortgages in Retirement

My husband and myself are seperating but still live under the...

Equity Release

We want to raise additional funds to be able to make home...

Capital Raising in Retirement

I have a £15,000 personal loan which because of reduced income I...

Mortgages in Retirement

Could I get a £30,000 mortgage at 67 yrs. I am on state pension?

Equity Release

We are selling our house and need to raise £35,000 but don't want...

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