Looking to remortgage and have lots of questions about the process? You’re not alone. More and more UK homeowners are remortgaging to save money on their monthly repayments, or to raise money to consolidate debts.

Remortgaging isn't nearly as much hassle as most people think - particularly as our consultants will look after your remortgage for you - making it all even less effort than you first imagined.

If you would like to know more about the process and requirements of remortgaging, then please see our guide to remortgaging. Alternatively if you’re looking for the best rates, our remortgage best buys can help.

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions with the help of our mortgage experts. Explore these answers or put your question direct to our knowledgeable experts now.

Which mortgage lenders allow unlimited overpayments?

Nearly every lender has a product which allows unlimited...

Bridging Finance

Can I get bridging finance?

Inherited Property

I’ve inherited a property and I want to buy my sibling out of the...

Debt Consolidation

I own my home and want to raise funds to consolidate debts

Transfer of Title

Beware the free 'legals' packages offered will not cover the cost...

How much can I borrow?

I’m looking to apply for a mortgage but I’m not sure how much...

Let to Buy

We would like to rent out our current property

Can I change my buy to let mortgage to residential

I currently own a buy-to-let that I want to move into, can I...

Interest only

I’ve heard a lot about Interest Only Mortgages

Right To Buy Remortgage

I have just taken out a mortgage on a right-to-buy property. The...

Transfer Subject to Mortgage

We have separated but I want to keep the house.

Lending to Trusts

My wife and I are in our early 70's. We have set up a family...

How can we remortgage my partners house to buy out his ex

Can you remortgage to buy out an ex partner? I live with my...

Mother and Son Joint Mortgage

As part of a settlement for divorce my mother was given the...

Can I get a mortgage, on a property with no water supply to it?

Is it possible to get a mortgage, if the property has no water...

Ex Pat Mortgages

I’m a UK Citizen but I live abroad, what are my options for UK...

Halifax Retirement Homeplan

Halifax Retirement Home Plan

how do we sell a share of our property to our son stay on the deeds and downsize too

Where can my son get a mortgage to buy a share of our house? We...

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