A mortgage is often the biggest financial commitment of a person's life. First-time buyers typically need to pay at least 5% of the purchase price of their property as a deposit, but every circumstance is different.

Our mortgage borrowing calculator gives you an estimate of the amount you can borrow, the deposit you’ll need, and the monthly payments you should budget for.

Explore the most frequently asked questions first-time buyers have put to our team of mortgage experts. Find answers to your question online now or ask your own question and our knowledgeable mortgage experts will reply as soon as they can.

I had a joint mortgage with my ex-wife now I'm off that and on my own am I a first time buyer again

After separation, what am I classed as for mortgage purposes? Am...


What happens to our mortgage after divorce?

Outstanding CCJs

I have several CCJs and looking to apply for a mortgage

Poor Credit History

I have bad credit

Builders Gift Deposit

Hi i've been looking at buying a house through Barratts, they...

Capital raising on parent's home

I would like to borrow some money secured on my parents house

First Time Buyers

Am I classed as a first time buyer?

Satisfied Default

Your credit history is likely to make it impossible for you to...

Can we exchange contracts now, and delay completion for 6 months?

We want to buy a house but not move in for 6 months. The seller...

Fixed or Tracker

Are we better going for a fixed, tracker or variable

Joint Ownership

Is it possible to get a mortgage when I will only own part (half)...

I own our current home my wife has never owned a property can we get a first-time buyer mortgage

I have a flat in my name only valued at £64.5k with a £30k...

First time home buyer qualification

As someone who sold a house 4 years ago but never bought another...

Mortgages in Trust

My daughter and her partner, due to wed next year, are potential...

Can I get a mortgage if I have an overdraft and credit card?

Hi, I am looking to try and get my first mortgage. I have £20,000...

Can I get a mortgage on a temporary work contract

Hi, I've just started an 18 month temporary work contract with a...

Should we use our property as collateral for our son's mortgage?

We are retired and own our home outright. Our son wants to buy...

We’re gifting money to our child, what else do we need to do to help him get a mortgage?

My wife and I are looking to help our son Jason with his first...

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