The 90% Mortgages on the Market Now

Written on 11 January 2021

The 90% Mortgages on the Market Now

Since it’s outbreak in the Spring, COVID-19 has affected many markets and sectors, one of those being the property and mortgage market. During the first lockdown, the property market came to an abrupt halt, with most lenders withdrawing their highest LTV (loan-to-value) mortgages. This left many first-time buyers unable to buy a home, due to simply not having enough deposit saved to borrow any less than 90% of the value of a property.

The good news is, there's now over 10 mainstream lenders offering 90% LTV products, all of which provide far more choice than back in summer 2020. It’s likely that more and more lenders will re-enter the market as time goes on, and rates may fall slightly as a result. Currently, two-, three- and five-year products are available and appropriate depending on your needs and circumstances.

It’s predicted that first-time buyers will be popular with lenders as we go into the new year, as they bring no chain to a property transaction so some price negotiation may be possible.

See below for a list of lenders that are now coming back on the market with 90% LTV mortgages:

Accord – FTB & NTB – Max Loan £600k

Aldermore – FTB & NTB

Barclays – FTB Only – includes NEW BUILD, JBSP and Flat (max loan £220K)

Coventry – FTB & NTB

Halifax – FTB Only

Metro Bank – FTB & NTB – (not available to those recently furloughed)

Nationwide – FTB & NTB – (employed applicants only)

NatWest – FTB & NTB

Platform – FTB, NTB and Remo applications


Virgin Money – FTB Only

If you need more information on what the current restrictions are regarding buying and selling during COVID-19, check out our guide or call us on 0330 433 2927

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