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A cashback mortgage lets you claim back a lump sum when you successfully apply for a mortgage. Our free comparison tool lets you compare the best cashback mortgage offers, so you can find the right deal for you. 

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When choosing the best cashback mortgage offer, expertise counts

Use this tool to find a lucrative cashback mortgage offer that is available through an independent broker like John Charcol.

Once you have found a cashback mortgage deal that suits your needs, call our experts to find out if you qualify. Our mortgage experts at John Charcol can help you save time by managing your mortgage application from start to finish. 

John Charcol Expert Tip - February 2024

"Cashback mortgages may seem enticing at first glance, but understanding whether it’s the right deal and considering potential long-term costs is crucial. Seeking mortgage advice through a broker is essential to understanding all your options and recognising whether a cashback option is actually beneficial. A skilled broker can guide you through the terms and conditions, ensuring that what appears to be a tempting cash incentive is worthwhile.

- Mortgage Technical Manager Nick Mendes, CeMAP qualified


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