Mortgage and Divorce

03/09/2019 by

Leanne Dewey, one of our expert mortgage advisers, explains everything you need to know about mortgages and divorce.

Video breakdown

0:44 – Dealing with A Mortgage After Divorce
1:02 – Can You Get Divorced If You Have A Joint Mortgage?
1:27 – Who Pays A Joint Mortgage After A Separation?
1:41 – Moving Out and Selling Your Home After Divorce
2:04 – Keeping the Property
2:17 – Transferring Ownership
2:35 – Buying Out Your Ex-Partner
3:54 – Getting Another Mortgage After A Divorce
4:13 – Can I Be Named On 2 Mortgages?
4:29 – Removing Your Name from A Mortgage or Deed
4:45 – Can I Use Child Maintenance When Applying for A New Mortgage?
5:04 – Mortgage and Separation FAQs
5:18 – Is Everything Split 50:50 In A Divorce or Separation?
5:35 – Do Both Owners Have to Agree to Sell A Home?
5:56 – What If the Other Party Is Not Able to Agree to Sell the Home?
6:11 – Can I Change Our Mortgage to My Sole Name?
6:33 – Can My Name Be Taken Off the Mortgage Without My Permission?
7:00 - Summary

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