What Happens Now?

  1. One of our mortgage experts gives you a call back and asks you some questions - then they'll go away and find the best deal for your circumstances and future needs, before arranging a follow up call to discuss what they've found
  2. After you agree to proceed with the mortgage adviser's recommendation they'll go about securing your DIP (Decision in Principle) - once you have your DIP you'll be a great position to put on offer on a property or proceed with refinancing
  3. Next your mortgage adviser will send you some information explaining what documents the lender needs from you - then we'll assign you a client relationship manager who will guide you through the rest of the process and liaise with the lender
  4. Once everything is in place, we'll submit your mortgage application which the lender will underwrite - they'll also arrange a valuation on the property
  5. Assuming they're aren't any issues and the lender is happy with what they've found, you'll receive your mortgage offer


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What next? Access your free credit report

Good news, you're on your way to a new home! Now's the time to get your credit report ready for your mortgage broker.

In order to support you, your broker will need an up-to-date copy of your credit report to start matching you with the best finance lender for your circumstances. Your credit score determines the mortgage rate you pay so it is important to review this before a mortgage lender does. 

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