Ray Boulger

Ray Boulger is widely renowned as the guru of the mortgage industry and expert on the housing market.  Ray is constantly called upon by the media to provide informed comment on all areas of the market, and is a regular on the BBC, Sky and ITV.

Last year, Ray was voted guru of the year at the Headlinemoney awards by all of the nation’s money and property journalists. As such, we thought it was high time that you had direct access to him. Ray’s blog will be updated most days so the knowledge just keeps on coming.

28/04/2017 by Ray Boulger

Nationwide Building Society’s press announcement, issued with their April House Price Index states that: “House prices show second consecutive monthly decline in April.” Much of the media comment that followed reflected this news, including the BBC’s who have run with the headline that: “House prices fell again in April, Nationwide says.” Of course by sourcing the Nationwide the journalist is factually correct - but as consumers, it’s important that we all look beyond the headline at the facts.

30/03/2017 by Ray Boulger

Nearly all the headlines, both in the consumer and trade press, in relation to the February mortgage approval numbers announced yesterday by the Bank of England, included the word fall, dip or down, with many going as far as to...

05/02/2017 by Ray Boulger

Gavin Barwell toured the TV studios this morning, appearing on ITV, Sky and the BBC, prior to publication of the delayed Housing White Paper on Tuesday. It appears from his comments the White Paper will focus strongly on rental...

09/01/2017 by Ray Boulger

Moneyfacts has today reported a small fall of 5% in the number of Buy to Let products available but the number is still higher than 6 months ago and 12% higher than a year ago. There is still plenty of choice for BTL investors,...

30/12/2016 by Ray Boulger

Whatever the next year brings one thing that is guaranteed is the fact that the UK housing market will remain a hot topic in 2017. With more talk around the lack of homes being built, Brexit fears or the government increasing grabbing the buy to let market by the horns, one thing that you can always expect is the housing market's ability to throw up surprises and show resilience in ways you'd never expect.

15/12/2016 by Ray Boulger

The key paragraph in today’s statement from the Bank of England confirming no change in Bank Rate or the size of the QE programme is this: 

"The MPC’s Remit requires that monetary policy should balance the speed with which...

22/11/2016 by Ray Boulger

Today’s October Housing Transaction figures from HMRC provide further evidence of the how manipulating (or to use the technical term “seasonally adjusting”) the actual figures can result in misleading impressions being promoted,...

17/11/2016 by Ray Boulger

There are good reasons to expect a 'housing heavy' Autumn Statement, based partly on comments from our new Prime Minister, but also because it provides an ideal opportunity for the new Housing Minister and Chancellor to put their stamp on some new and revised policies.

11/11/2016 by Ray Boulger

In the last year a raft of political (fiscal) and regulatory changes have had a significant impact on Buy to Let (BTL) investors and negatively impacted the BTL market. These changes have been made to dampen the buy to let market, and allow more first time buyers and families to get on the ladder – but what impact will they have on those who can’t afford to buy?

29/09/2016 by Ray Boulger

Following its consultation exercise the PRA has today announced its final rules for BTL mortgages, with few changes from the draft proposals announced 6 months ago.