Double award win for John Charcol and Ray Boulger

Posted on 18 February 2016

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Double award win for John Charcol and Ray Boulger

The voice of mortgages, Ray Boulger, was recognised by the mortgage industry last night as he walked away with the Outstanding Contribution trophy to a standing ovation at the Mortgage Strategy Awards. 

Ray is starting his 27th year with John Charcol and as a regular contributor to the national media, is arguably the best-known mortgage commentator. 

Walter Avrili, John Charcol's Managing Director and long-term colleague summed up his relationship with Ray:

"Ray joined John Charcol in 1989 as a rookie mortgage consultant and gradually matured over the next 26 years into the venerable guru we all know and love.

"Ray has been described as many things, including a walking encyclopedia, and has forgotten more about mortgages than most of us will ever know. His knowledge and detail are legendary, although extracting this information concisely is not easy. Rarely will a new starter at John Charcol ask Ray a question without first having a cup of coffee and a sandwich to hand.

"Ray has enjoyed the freedom that his PR work for the company has brought him, and he has redefined the word ‘maverick’. His hard work and dedication have produced many early-morning encounters, with colleagues arriving at the office to find Ray fast asleep at his desk.

"In the 26 years I have known him, Ray has always taken the word ‘independent’ to heart, so much so that, on a day-to-day basis, I never really knew where he was or what he was doing. All we’ve ever seen are the results."

Last week, John Charcol also won the Outstanding Performance award at the Legal & General Awards in recognition of our low lapse rates for insurance products. This is an indication of the good quality research done by our consultants to find the most suitable protection for clients.

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