Poor Credit Record

Posted on 2 November 2011 by Pauline

Me and my partner have a 20% deposit and we are looking at properties around £90k in value. We have joint income of £32k (I have a salary of £22k and my partner has £10k self employment salary). My partners credit rating is excellent and he has hardly any debt. I on the other hand had defaults for my egg loan and egg credit card because I entered into a payment plan during my last year at university and mbna recorded that I was on a payment arrangement also. These have all been settled, the Egg loan and credit card in Apr 2011 and the MBNA card in Aug 2011. I entered into the payment plans without realising they would destroy my credit file. My 4 remaining credit accounts are all in excellent condition and payments are never missed, I also pay a lot more than the minimum. Do you think we would be able to get a joint mortage for this value of property with our deposit or has my credit rating destroyed our chances? I am worried about speaking to mortgage brokers in case they do searches on us jointly and destroy my partner's excellent credit rating also.


If you haven't done already, I think you should get a copy of your credit record so that you have it to hand when trying to arrange your mortgage.  Don't put your partner's name anywhere as this will also create a joint association and possibly upset their credit rating too.

Mortgage Brokers should not be approaching Lenders and submitting provisional applications or decisions in principle without your authority and you can specifically ask them not to, so this should not put you off speaking to them.

Once you have you credit file I believe we can help you and you should call 0344 346 3672 to speak to one of our consultants.  Depending on what's showing, why the problems occurred, what you have done to resolve them and being able to show that your circumstances have changed, we should be able to find a Lender who will not rely on an automated credit score but who will make an underwriting decision based on the facts in front of them. 

All of this can be done without creating a joint financial relationship until an application is actually submitted.


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