When it comes to property, there is often talk about different loan types and the release of equity to be able to spend on other things such as home improvements. By understanding the type of mortgage, you are currently on and the flexibility of releasing equity will depend on your lender and individual circumstances.

We’ve put together a guide on releasing equity and what your options are to help you understand the complex market of property. Please see our equity release guide.

If you’re looking for expert advice about going through this process, a good start would be to browse the most frequently asked questions below which have been put together by our mortgage experts. Alternatively, if you can’t find an answer to your question, you can ask your own and our advisers will come back to you as soon as they can.

Bridging Finance

Can I get bridging finance?

Inherited Property

I’ve inherited a property and I want to buy my sibling out of the...

Debt Consolidation

I own my home and want to raise funds to consolidate debts

Short Term Finance

We haven’t sold it yet but want to buy quickly – is this...

100% Mortgages

Is there still a 100% mortgage?

Capital raising on parent's home

I would like to borrow some money secured on my parents house

Interest only

I’ve heard a lot about Interest Only Mortgages

We own our home outright can we rent it out and buy a new house

We own our property outright. Valued at £145k. The rental...

Right To Buy Remortgage

I have just taken out a mortgage on a right-to-buy property. The...

Mortgages in Retirement

Mortgages in Retirement

How can we remortgage my partners house to buy out his ex

Can you remortgage to buy out an ex partner? I live with my...

Capital Raising for a Deposit

How much deposit do I need?

Can I get a mortgage, on a property with no water supply to it?

Is it possible to get a mortgage, if the property has no water...

Equity Release for Freehold Flats

I am thinking of buying outright (no mortgage required) a...

Can you rent your home to buy and get a mortgage on a second property?

Can I rent out my current home, so I can afford to buy another...

Halifax Retirement Homeplan

Halifax Retirement Home Plan

Can we use equity from our flat to purchase a new property?

My husband and myself purchased a two-bed apartment for £300,000...

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