You might be buying to let, or you might simply want to get a foot on the property ladder. Whatever your situation, our advisors at John Charcol can provide you with mortgage help.

The first step is working how much you can afford to borrow, you can use our how much can I borrow calculator.

Browse below for our most frequently asked questions about general mortgage and property purchase. If you’re looking for specific advice tailored to your individual circumstances, it would be best to get in touch with our advisers directly or to ask your own question below.

Which mortgage lenders allow unlimited overpayments?

Nearly every lender has a product which allows unlimited...

Inherited Property

I’ve inherited a property and I want to buy my sibling out of the...

I had a joint mortgage with my ex-wife now I'm off that and on my own am I a first time buyer again

After separation, what am I classed as for mortgage purposes? Am...


What happens to our mortgage after divorce?

Nationwide Consent to Let

I want to change to a Buy to Let

Outstanding CCJs

I have several CCJs and looking to apply for a mortgage

Poor Credit History

I have bad credit

Can I get a 25 year term mortgage at 48 years old?

Can I get a 25 year mortgage at my present age, my fiancee also...

Section 106 Agreement

We are trying to secure a mortgage on a build with 106 attached...

Can I get another mortgage, if I already have one with my ex?

I have a mortgage with my ex partner, she lives in the house and...

Debt Management Plan

I am in a debt management plan and pay rent of 800 pcm. A family...

Transfer of Equity

Transfer of equity

Sale and Rent Back

The short answer is Lenders do not like sale and rent back...

Can my name be taken off a joint mortgage without my permission

She is stating that she can just have my name removed from the...

Northern Rock Asset Management (NRAM)

Northern Rock Asset Management (NRAM)

Transfer Subject to Mortgage

We have separated but I want to keep the house.


Can I still apply for a mortgage?

Lending to Trusts

My wife and I are in our early 70's. We have set up a family...

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